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Welcome to StatMind!

StatMind offers a wide range of research and education related services.

Statmind focuses on the links between education, research and consultancy: we advise public and private organizations on their long-term strategies based on our own ongoing economic and business research agenda.


On this website you will find information on our educational programs. With UNIES we have developed an exciting Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) programme. We also offer a PhD programme.

The coursework for our Doctoral Programmes is unique, and highly innovative. Internationally experienced professors from all over the world have contributed to a flexible curriculum, and you select the courses that you think are the most relevant for your research project. 

UNIES/StatMind has launched Master of Research and a Master of Business Analytics programmes. Both Master programmes are perfect preparations for a Doctoral study. Optionally, our DBA/PhD programmes include a complete Master of Research programme. Holders of Bachelor degrees can have a Master of Research and a Doctoral degree within 3-4 years of study!

An attractive option is to participate in Doctoral Programmes that are linked to the UNIES/StatMind research agenda. Our Doctoral Programmes on International Trade and Competitiveness, and on The Impact of Microfinance, are cutting edge and come with attractive (partial) scholarships.

With the High Performance Organization (HPO) Center, StatMind is organizing masterclasses and related research activities in Africa.

If you have any questions, just call us!